A crown is a dental restoration which is usually fabricated outside the mouth and cemented at a separate appointment. It is generally used to restore a tooth that is so broken down or misshapen that a filling is inadequate to repair it. (Minster Dental Care uses CEREC.)


When properly maintained by the patient, a crown will usually enable a badly broken down tooth to give several years of comfortable service. When made of tooth colored materials, crowns can make broken down teeth appear very natural.


  • The usual risks of local anesthetic or other medications.
  • Root Canal Therapy may be required before, or after a crown is placed.
  • Decay can form around the margins (edges) of the crown where it meets the tooth.
  • Tooth colored (porcelain) crowns may cause excessive wear of opposing teeth, fillings and other crowns.
  • Edges of crowns in cosmetic areas may become visible if gum tissue recedes.
  • Crowned teeth may be sensitive for an extensive period of time.
  • Porcelain and other tooth-colored crowns may be vulnerable to chipping or fracture, which may require a new crown.