Orthodontics is the straightening or re-positioning of the teeth and associated hard and soft tissue with braces and appliances. Dr James Overman has been providing orthodontic treatment for over 25 years.



  • Allows the teeth to function properly while eating and speaking.
  • Moves teeth into proper alignment to achieve better esthetics.
  • Orthodontic care results in better acclusion (bite) which is beneficial in cases of wear or trauma to the teeth and jaw joints
  • Decalcification, decay, or localized gum disease around the bands or brackets due to inadequate oral hygiene.
  • Root resorption (blunting or shortening of the roots)
  • TMJ pain or dysfunction.
  • Possible relapse (shifting of teeth) after removal of appliances.
  • Ideal results may not be attainable without surgery.

Consequences Of No Treatment

  • Malpositioned teeth are more difficult to clean, and consequently are more vulnerable to decay, decalcification, and localized gum disease.
  • Malpositioned teeth can accelerate wear and tear on the teeth, supporting bone and the TMJ (jaw joint).

Fixed Orthodontics

  • Applying the benefits of Carriere® philosophy and methods of treatment using the SLX fixed braces system, we can achieve terrific results and finish your treatment faster. Depending on your case, this may mean a savings of many months. After analyzing your specific needs, we will be able to provide you with a treatment plan that will have you smiling soon.
  • Please click on the video link below or go to carriereconfidence.com for a description of some of the fixed orthodontic treatments at Minster Dental Care.

Carriere Confidence Video Still

SLX Clear Aligners®

  • SLX Clear Aligners provide optimal clarity and exceptional fit. At Minster Dental Care we are pleased to pass on to our patients this exceptional protocol for either full or limited orthodontic treatment.
  • Many people think that aligners cost more than braces. At Minster Dental Care we charge the same fee, whether you choose aligners or braces! While aligners are a great option for most patients, it won't work in all situations. You will need a consultation to determine if it’s a good option for you.
  • Please click on the image below or go to slxclearaligners.com for additional information.

SLX Clear Aligners

Wirelign® Orthodontics

No Braces – No Removable Aligners or Trays

  • Completely Invisible
  • Significantly More Comfortable
  • Perfect for Slight to Moderate Imperfections


  • Ultra-thin superelastic wires are placed and activated on the lingual (behind the tooth) surface of your teeth providing a completely invisible orthodontic experience. The relatively flat lingual surface of the anterior teeth makes this procedure possible. 


  • The Wirelign® procedure is significantly more comfortable compared to other orthodontic systems.  A low profile orthodontic system developed without the use of braces or removable plastic aligners. The bonding material is smoothed over the wires creating a comfortable, slight extension of the tooth surface. The low profile and smooth surface make Wirelign® and ProWire® the most comfortable fixed orthodontic appliance available. 
  • Please click on the image below or go to wirelign.com for additional information.

The smile you always wanted without the visible metal or plastic hardware!

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