Orthodontics is the straightening or re-positioning of the teeth and associated hard and soft tissue with braces and appliances. Dr James Overman has been providing orthodontic treatment for over 25 years.



  • Allows the teeth to function properly while eating and speaking.
  • Moves teeth into proper alignment to achieve better esthetics.
  • Orthodontic care results in better acclusion (bite) which is beneficial in cases of wear or trauma to the teeth and jaw joints
  • Decalcification, decay, or localized gum disease around the bands or brackets due to inadequate oral hygiene.
  • Root resorption (blunting or shortening of the roots)
  • TMJ pain or dysfunction.
  • Possible relapse (shifting of teeth) after removal of appliances.
  • Ideal results may not be attainable without surgery.

Consequences Of No Treatment

  • Malpositioned teeth are more difficult to clean, and consequently are more vulnerable to decay, decalcification, and localized gum disease.
  • Malpositioned teeth can accelerate wear and tear on the teeth, supporting bone and the TMJ (jaw joint).

Wirelign® Orthodontics

No Braces – No Removable Aligners or Trays

  • Completely Invisible
  • Significantly More Comfortable
  • Perfect for Slight to Moderate Imperfections


Ultra-thin super elastic wires are placed and activated on the lingual (behind the tooth) surface of your teeth providing a completely invisible orthodontic experience. The relatively flat lingual surface of the anterior teeth makes this procedure possible. 


The Wirelign® procedure is significantly more comfortable compared to other orthodontic systems.  A low profile orthodontic system developed without use of braces or removable plastic aligners. The bonding material is smoothed over the wires creating a comfortable, slight extension of the tooth surface. The low profile and smooth surface makes Wirelign® and ProWire® the most comfortable fixed orthodontic appliance available. 

The smile you always wanted without the visible metal or plastic hardware!

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